Use Your Plan as a Guide

laying a firm foundationUse your plan as a guide, not as a time clock to punch in and out, for each item on the agenda. You have planned what you believe to be beneficial things for the group, and ideally it would be great if you did them. However, God may have different plans. Perhaps it is important to finish a thought in the study that takes longer than usual. Perhaps the application question you thought would be quick, became a significant time for people to share about their lives. Perhaps during the prayer and share time, someone reveals that their husband has asked for a divorce, or they have lost their job, or they break into tears during the meeting. All of these things will cause a shift in how the meeting is led and the time you had planned for the various components of the meeting. If the Holy Spirit is descending with “tongues of fire,” that’s not when you say “sharing time is over, let’s move on to the study!” The reverse is also true. You can’t just “go” with whatever anyone brings up. You are the one guiding and leading the group. Be the guide, with the plan, open to letting God use you however he wants to in the group meeting.

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