My New Book “Small Group Success” Is Now Available!

Small Group Success by Brad WrightPlease check out my new book, Small Group Success: Changing Lives One Group at a Time. This book will give new leaders the tools they need to lead effectively or seasoned leaders the tools to lead even more effectively. Here’s the initial feedback I am getting from those reading the book:

“Congratulations on this new book! I’ve read the book and thought it was great! I’ve never read a small group resource book before and I’m so glad to have done so now. I feel much better equipped to lead a group. I’d be happy to commend/ recommend it. May God richly bless you and the book as a resource for small group leaders to be more effective!”

“This book is a well written and easy to read complete picture for small groups. It provides the reasons for, how to implement and run small groups. The details in the book provided the guidance to create my small group structure which I’ve used several times. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in small group ministry.”

“I’m preparing for my first small group leadership “gig.” Small Group Success is a very practical guide written in a down to earth manner. I recommend it highly.”

“If you’ve ever participated in small groups, you probably noticed that some leaders seem to be better equipped to lead a group than others. If you’ve ever led a small group, you already know how important it is to prepare. Preparation for a small group leader should begin with an understanding of small group dynamics and how to best engender an environment within the group that will lead to the success of the group. I highly recommend this book as a great resource for anyone who is currently leading a group or desires to do so. You will find the book is well thought out and organized in a way that is readable and understandable, and most of all, practical for application in your small group.”


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Small Group Success: Changing Lives One Group at a Time presents a common sense approach to launching and leading a small group in the local church. Leadership principles and practical strategies are presented to make leaders more effective. Pastors have a tool to train those leaders! A study guide is included for learning, discussing and applying the book’s principles in a group context. In Small Group Success, you will learn:

– the why, what, and how of effective leadership
– the four-core small group purposes and why they matter
– practical steps for building Christian community
– how to lead an effective bible discussion
– strategies for sharing and prayer
– tools for you

From the foreword by Dr. Gene A. Getz, founder of the Fellowship Bible Church movement and author of more than 60 books including the recently released Life Essentials Study Bible:

“I’m delighted to see Brad Wright continuing this biblical emphasis, giving us contemporary and practical guidelines for creating and maintaining small groups. As you read, you’ll hear the voice of wisdom and experience.”

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