Fco-leadershipormally or informally, many churches promote the concept of co-leadership or “apprentice” leaders. A co-leader is a secondary leader who assists with the group and is trained by the leader to do these tasks effectively (II Tim. 2:2). A co-leader will be assigned tasks throughout the group life as they are able, such as:

  • Contacting people outside the meeting;
  • Compiling and e-mailing prayer requests;
  • Leading the icebreaker in a meeting (either provided by small group leader or decided by the co-leader);
  • Leading the study (either prepared in advance by the leader or the co-leader);
  • Leading the sharing and prayer time (either prepared by the leader or the co-leader;)
  • Leading a combination of all of the above;
  • Leading an entire meeting with parameters set by the leader;
  • Leading an entire meeting as they are able.

If possible, the leader should discuss with the co-leader after or between meetings what they will be asked to do to prepare for the next meeting. If the co-leader leads portions of the meeting, the leader should take time to discuss what they did well, as well as any constructive suggestions that would help them with leading in future meetings.

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