group of people prayingI have a passion for small groups. That is – a handful of people getting together to build community and relationships, usually in the context of learning or doing something else as well. From a christian-based perspective (where I am coming from), that is usually a group of people (8-14 or so) meeting regularly to learn the bible and how they can apply its principles to their lives, and to support one another in that endeavor.

Small groups could also be a monthly book club, a weight watchers group, a volunteer team to help others.

People get together in small groups often to accomplish something – but usually they are looking for something more – some kind of community.  When you use principles for creating a good group, they will work in any setting.

And when you have a good group, it rocks!

Viva la Group!

Brad WrightSmallGroupSuccess.com was formed by Brad Wright. Brad is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and has served as an Associate Pastor, Pastor, Small Groups Director/Coordinator and has been leading small groups for about 35 years.

Currently he heads up a successful environmental, health and safety consulting firm located in Western Massachusetts. He is about to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary to his lovely wife, Anne, and has 3 wonderful children, Nathan, Justin and Rebecca.

Small Group Success exists to provide training and insight regarding the thinking and skills required to lead successful small groups, where God uses them to build christian community, cultivate christian growth, enhance prayer and worship and facilitate outreach.

You can contact Brad anytime at Brad@SmallGroupsRock.com.

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